Friday, December 9, 2011

Create a Time-lapse Video with Debut

You've seen videos that condense hours and hours of time into a short clip: a flower blooms in 30 seconds, or a city scene showcases the busy flit of people and traffic as the shadows of buildings move slowly across the street.

You can easily create your own time-lapse video using your webcam and Debut video capture software. Here is what you need to do:
  1. Click the Edit Output button and select the devices tab.
  2. Select the option to Enable Time-lapse.
  3. Specify how often you want an image to be taken. For the charactaristic choppness of many time lapse videos, space image captures apart by a minute or longer. For a smoother result, take captures at shorter intervals.
When your recording is finished, it will be saved as one video clip rather than a series of images, so you can watch the time fly by in a resulting video.

Next, to turn your time-lapse into something really worth sharing, add a title screen using VideoPad video editor. Keep in mind that VideoPad can also do other time manipulations, such as speeding up or slowing down your video footage, in case you want to fine-tune your time-lapse results.


  1. There is no 'edit output' in Debut
    Just 'file' 'screen capture' etc
    Then GUI 'device' 'network' etc

    1. I know I can't find it either!

  2. Where is the Edit Output button, please? A screenshot would have been helpful. [Debut Registered Owner]

  3. I have found the Edit Output under Video Options near the bottom of the GUI :-)

    [Registered Debut user]

  4. I like this program. I just wish I could make the videos a little longer which I aint sure how to do & to bad 3 hours is the limit of recording at a time I hate recording what I rcorded to make them longer.......

  5. I also found the Timelapse option, i put the time on 2 minutes ( using webcam) but nothing happens. On my screen i see the view of my webcam but it doen't take any picture. What do i do wrong ?

  6. Hello all !! SOLUTION FOR TIMELAPSE :)

    You can actually Timelapse your SCREEN CAPTURES by selecting ".mp4" file format at the bottom left of the screen , then selecting "video options" gives you specific access to .mp4 options. When you click on it another window will open in which you then can select either the FPS limitaion (or tick) the option box at the bottom called "Enable Time-Lapse". Furthermore , when that checkbox is active you also have the option to select the framerate capture in either seconds, minutes or hours.

    There you all go, hope that helps !! ;)

    Video-on people!! :)


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