Monday, December 19, 2011

Send Personalized Video Greeting Cards

Make/Record A Video Greeting CardThe holidays are right on top of us, so I hope you got your presents mailed and your cards and letters sent. But even if you haven't gotten something in the mail yet, it isn't too late to send a heartfelt message to your loved ones, both near and far. With Debut Video Capture Software and a webcam, you can record yourself or your whole family in front of the computer to make a quick and easy video greeting card. Just like you've seen in those holiday commercials with the audio-recorded talking greeting cards and books, you can make a sentimental message with both video and voice that can be played over and over again, without going to the store, that can be delivered to a loved one's email inbox, or burned onto a DVD.

If you want your video to really shine, you can import the clips from your webcam into either VideoPad Video Editor, or PhotoStage Slideshow Software to do more polishing and editing, and combine with other video clips, or photos and music, but any heartfelt holiday message to family members far away can be enough to bring a smile and some holiday cheer.


  1. What a great work and wonderful idea, for greeting a video cards, really nice work I like it so very much. I like these cards and sent the card of our friends and family members in holiday events.

  2. Your article is really very great as it gives an awesome idea for sending the greeting cards to the family members by sending the quick and easy video greeting card. This is an awesome post like it very much. Visit your blog again for more info.


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