Saturday, December 17, 2011

Want a Unique Gift Idea? Make Them a Radio Star

Guest Post by Emma Bell

One of the coolest things about modern technology is that anyone who has a story to tell has a pretty decent shot of getting it on the radio or their very own podcast. Unlike the days where a radio professional would be required to be in the studio reporting, now anyone can record an interview or story with any number of small and affordable recording devices; and the best part is that many stations are constantly looking for material. Like with any creative medium, the quality of content does matter – as does covering a topic that is timely, or timeless (also known as evergreen).

Software for RadioSome radio buffs go all out and purchase gear like digital flash recorders and professional microphones but many others simply use their phones to record, or their phone answering machines, laptops, etc. In terms of production you can get as detailed or simplistic as you choose because the truth of the matter is that if your story is compelling enough or something that no one else is covering many radio stations will be willing to work with it, no matter what the quality.

If you've got something of value to say you can simply record it and let the seasoned pros edit the piece, or you can try your hand at editing. There are many affordable audio software programs available that will take a bit of trial and error to learn but even Youtube offers video tutorials for many different programs on the market.

There are also many organizations who are encouraging budding radiomakers and documentarians of all ages by offering recording tips and advice, as well as platforms in which to present their features. Vocalo, based out of Chicago, is an interesting public radio platform that allows everyday people to have their own shows. Transom is a non-profit website that offers tips on the best gear to get and tips on telling stories and the Public Radio Exchange is a depot where you place your work and have radio stations come looking for you instead of the other way around. And with the rising popularity of do-it-yourself podcasts you can make your own radio show and build a following of fans without any need for a radio station to sign you on.

Thanks to technology it's a new day in radio making; an exciting time that rewards the everyday people who have interesting stories to tell. It's hardly the best way to try and get rich but it's a wonderful chance to say whatever's on your mind to an ever-growing audience. As a radiomaker you can help inform, entertain, get people to thinking and even help shape opinions. The best part is that with today's technology you can run your own show and get your own brand of uniqueness out there for all the world to hear.

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