Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't Panic, Photo Recovery Software

photo recovery softwareIf you take a lot of photos, you have probably experienced that moment of panic when you connect one of your memory cards to your computer and you don't see anything there. Where could the photos be? Oh no! This should have lots of pictures from my vacation to Bali and my daughter’s ballet recital on it! What happened?!? First make sure you are looking at the right memory card, and if you are, before you mourn the loss of those photos, there still might be hope.

When electronic files get "deleted," whether they were on a memory card or a hard disk, the space they occupy is typically only flagged as free to have something else saved there. So recovering a "deleted" or "missing" file is only a matter of using a program like Orion Photo Recovery Software to scan for the pictures that have been mistakenly flagged as free space. With Orion, you can search your computer or any external device, such as a memory card or your camera, for these files, restoring them to their former visible glory for you to share, print and save.

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