Tuesday, January 17, 2012

VirtualDub Plugins for VideoPad

Plugins for VideoPadWant to do more with VideoPad? You can add VirtualDub Video Plugin Effects to VideoPad Video Editor, giving you access to additional tools and effects. Some of the most common VirtualDub plugin features you will find out there have already been added as built-in features of VideoPad, but there are certainly more out there if you take a little time to look. For example, if you want to disguise someone before you post a video on YouTube, you might want to take a look at the NVeiler Video Filter from NeuroTechnology, which can be used to detect and pixelize faces to hide a person's identity.

Find more information on adding and using plugins in VideoPad on our site, and let us know what your favorite VirtualDub plugins are for expanding your copy of VideoPad.


  1. When is the Mac version coming out?

    1. The developers are working on version 3.0 right now and the first Mac version should come out shortly after that.

  2. i went to the official page and i downloaded some plugins and they are saved as zip files and it says it needs to be a *.vdf file help anyone?


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