Friday, July 27, 2012

Real Time Voice Changer Software

Voxal voice changer softwareOne of the newest NCH applications is Voxal - a free voice changing software. You apply a series of effects to change the sound of your voice. You can apply these changes either to a recorded file, or have Voxal set up to intercept the audio coming in from your microphone. Change your voice in real time and send the changed voice into any other application you are using the microphone with. So from chatting with friends, to giving a your avatar a distinctive voice for online game play, you can use Voxal voice changing software to create interesting voice distortion patterns in minutes, without needing to change any configurations or settings in your other programs.


  1. Thanks for this software i am going to download it right now.Very impressive software.

  2. nice ....m finding best tool for me....and now get it...thanks

  3. thanks this toll is very helpful for me


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