Wednesday, July 25, 2012

O is for Optimize

NCH Software ABCs Series

O is for Optimization SoftwareWe are obsessed with speed. Today, everything is going faster than it used to, from just the general pace of life to Olympians setting new world records to internet speeds. Faster is better and optimizing your computer and tasks is about both speed and efficiency to cut away the dead weight and streamline your processes.
  • To optimize your PC when your computing speeds are lagging, use Warp Registry Cleaning Software to clear out some of the unneeded data that can be dragging it down.
  • To speed up your typing, download KeyBlaze Typing Tutor for practice, drills and games to help condition your fingers for flying across the keyboard.
  • Add some shortcuts for things you commonly type with the aid of FastFox Text Expander to cut out the repetition and make your typing even more efficient.
  • To slim down in addition to speeding up, reduce the size of files and save space on your hard drive with Express Zip Compression Software or use our media converters to compress individual audio, video and image files.
That's just a sample, but with so many easy-to-use software applications available at NCH you are sure to find more programs that will make your life and your tasks faster and easier.

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