Friday, August 3, 2012

Enthusiasm For FileFort File Backup Software

4.5 Star CNet review for FileFort Backup SoftwareRecently, CNET reviewed FileFort Backup Software, giving it a spectacular rating, especially for a free program designed solely to back up your files, and not create full system images (which CNET is also a big advocate of). In the review, they recognized that FileFort "protects your critical data from damage or loss on a regularly scheduled basis, quickly and easily," and, unlike some competitors, "can back up data to a variety of locations, including USB drives and CD/DVDs." They went on to say:

"FileFort's user interface is commendably simple but attractive and up to date in style and layout. The program opened with a backup wizard that quickly led us through the process of setting up and running our first backup. FileFort can back up files to a variety of locations, including external drives, a networked PC, a remote server via FTP, and optical disks via Express Burn."
You can read the complete review of FileFort Backup Software from CNET on Then be sure to download a copy for your machine to help back up and protect all of your important files.

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  1. The problem with all backup software's is they encrypt files which means you can only read them with the software that created it. If this is not the case then this will be one good piece of software because clients we have dealt with just one a simple backup solution to see their files as the were in the main system without needing anything to interpret it.


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