Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top Notch Text to Speech Software

Award for Verbose Screen Reading Software Best Text to Speech Software
The experts at Software Review Boffin recently added Verbose Text to Speech Software to the top of their list of text to speech converting software. In the the review the stated, "we found [Verbose] to be completely up to the job. Software Review Boffin is happy to include Verbose among our top three choices," going on to say:

"Software Review Boffin found Verbose Text to Speech Software to be a easy and straightforward text to speech converter that can read aloud or alternatively save spoken text to a users mp3 files.Verbose Text to Speech Software reads all written text onto your computers sound system and it will convert text to mp3 format and save to listen at a later time."
  – Software Review Boffin

Read the complete review of Verbose Text to Speech Software from Software Review Boffin, or simply download Verbose now to give the software a try and your eyes a break.

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  1. But both Amazon and many casual observers were quick to point out that the Kindle doesn’t create a recording of the book being read, but rather converts on the fly.


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