Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Software Sweethearts

With so much software, what's not to love?

VideoPad & Express Burn
This dynamic duo will guide you faithfully from beginning to end of any video project. Use VideoPad video editing software to capture, import, edit and add effects to your videos. Finish up by burning the video to DVD with Express Burn. Create a heartfelt video recording for your beau this Valentine's Day.

Sound Software Sweethearts
WavePad & MixPad
This pair is the audio software dream team. Use WavePad audio editor to record and edit a song first, then incorporate with other tracks with MixPad for your multi-track mixing needs. They work together seamlessly to help you create your own love song for your valentine this year.

Express Dictate & Express Scribe
If ever there was a practical match, it's this one. Express Dictate digital dictation software allows you to record dictation, and send to a transcriptionist, while Express Scribe makes transcription easy with features like variable speed playback, and file management.

Looking for the perfect match? Save by bundling related programs pairs and purchasing them together.

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