Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Business Software Integration Improves Inventory Tracking

At NCH Software we take suggestions from our customers very seriously. It helps us improve our products when people who use the software ask us to provide features and upgrades that would help them.

Inventory tracking better integrated in NCH Software business programs For our business customers, tracking inventory is an important part of their daily business processes. Inventoria inventory management software is a full featured inventory system for managing available stock, and many customers have asked us to integrate this inventory tracking with our accounting software Express Accounts, our invoicing software Express Invoice, and Copper our point-of-sale software so that they can better track inventory when selling items using these other business programs.

That integration is now available and we've received positive feedback from users who say that it has helped them in their day-to-day business operations.

Express Invoice, Express Accounts, and Copper can all be set to sync with Inventoria. This means, for example, that if you sell a product using Copper point-of-sale it will automatically update the quantity in Inventoria. Both products can be installed on different computers and as long as those computers are connected to the Internet it doesn't matter where the computers are located. That means that your warehouse could be next door, across the country or around the world and the sale will be reflected in your inventory almost instantly. The sync process works the same for Express Accounts and Express Invoice as it does for Copper.

This integration is a significant improvement to the NCH Software business suite. We've got many more improvements planned for not only our business software but for our entire product line as wells, so stay tuned and continue to let us know how we can best improve our software for you.


  1. The great article assisted me a lot about software.Bookmarked your site, very excellent topics just about everywhere that I read here!

  2. Hi Daniel, Our support team can help you with that: http://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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  4. unfortunately no support provided from technical team so just need the procedure how to setup this synchronization....

  5. hello , how to synchronize copper point of sale and inventory stock manager


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