Monday, July 22, 2013

Are You A Typing Hero?

New typing hero game in KeyBlaze typing tutor We know that leaning to type is important. Touch typing is a skill you'll use throughout your life. And with the need to learn how tow to type at a younger age we are continuing to work on making learning to type more fun. Besides, whoever said practice had to be boring? To make learning to type more fun, we just added a new typing game to KeyBlaze typing tutorTyping Hero.

In the spirit of Guitar Hero, in Typing Hero, letters come down the screen and the player needs to type those letters as they cross the line. It starts out slow, but as the speed increases it starts to create a typing rhythm in addition to encouraging the use of the correct fingers which are color coded for you at the bottom of the screen.

Give Typing Hero and the other typing games in KeyBlaze typing tutor software a try and see if you don't enjoy improving your typing skills and speed just a little bit more. Then let us know, what’s your best score?

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