Friday, February 26, 2016

WavePad Audio Editor Given an 8/10 by MicroMart Magazine UK

WavePad Review by MicroMart UK

MicroMart, one of the largest software/computing print magazines in the UK just reviewed NCH's audio editor, WavePad, for it's audio enthusiast's special this month and gave it a 8/10, "Definitely Recommended."

Some highlights:

"WavePad has an interface that makes all these tools easy to use. It's modern, and it places nearly all the functions you need on a ribbon toolbar."

"There are numerous VST plug-ins available for audio editors, and they add a wide range of extra features and functions. It gives WavePad almost unlimited capabilities."

"It's possible to remove the voice from a music track with a couple of mouse clicks, leaving just the music. You could make your own karaoke tracks or mix a different voice with the music."

"Feature-rich and great to use"

Read the full review here:

WavePad 6.38 Review by MicroMart UK

Click on the link to download or purchase:
WavePad by NCH Software

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