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Venn Diagram Maker - ClickCharts Diagram Software

Venn Diagram Maker - How to Create Venn Diagrams with ClickCharts Diagram and Chart Software

Easy Venn Diagram Maker

ClickCharts diagram and chart creation software is a useful tool for creating process flowcharts, diagrams, swimlane flowcharts, mindmaps, workflow charts, and data flowcharts. Now, you can also quickly and easily create venn diagrams with ClickCharts.

How To Create a Venn Diagram with ClickCharts

1) Choose the Venn Diagram Template

To begin creating a venn diagram in ClickCharts, open the program and select the "Create New" option from the ClickCharts welcome dialogue. This will open an options menu where you can select a chart or diagram template. Click on the Venn Diagram option to open a new venn diagram template. 

If you do not want to use a template, you can also easily create your own Venn Diagram from scratch using the symbols and tools provided with ClickCharts.

2) Edit the Venn Diagram Design

You can edit the diagram fill, outlines, fonts and font sizes in click charts by right-clicking on on of the venn diagram circles and selecting "Properties". 

3) Add or Remove Comparison Items

If you would like to compare only two items in your venn diagram, you can easily delete the third circle from the process chart. Click on the third circle, "Process C", to select it. To delete Process C, select "Delete" from the "Edit" tab in the top bar menu, or right-click and select "Delete" from the right click menu. You can also select additional text items and delete them by using the Delete button from the "Edit" menu, or the "Delete" option from the right-click menu. 

4) Populate the Venn Diagram

The final step is to populate the venn diagram. To do this, simply click on any text area to edit. You can also add new text areas by clicking on the "Text" button in the top bar menu, and then clicking where you would like to add text.

Create Blank Venn Diagram Templates and Printables

Parents and teachers can benefit from creating and printing their own venn diagram templates as worksheets for projects and essays. To create an easy to print venn diagram template for a specific project, click on the "Add Text" button in the program's top menu bar. Click where you would like to add text, and type in titles for the processes that you would like to compare. 

To remove color from the venn diagram in order to print black and white venn diagram templates, right click on each of the venn diagram circles and select "Properties" from the right click menu. In the "Fill" tab, select the "No Fill" checkbox, and from the "Line" tab, select black as a solid line color.

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