Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Software to Grow With Your Business, Made Easier

Software to Grow With Your Business from Invoicing to Accounting and more, made easyOne of the great things about our suite of software applications is that you can pick and choose individual applications so you only buy the programs that you need. If you only need something to help you with invoicing, you can purchase Express Invoice and not need to wade through a complete accounting package just for sending bills to your clients. This is great for small companies that frequently have help from outside with their accounting, and it isn't until you are doing more of the bookkeeping in-house that you'll want a full blown accounting system.

As your business grows and you are getting ready to make the transition to an accounting system, you will be pleased to know that we are striving to make this upgrade easier for you. Now when you install Express Accounts, it will search for Express Invoice on your machine and give you the option of importing the invoices and using the balances from Express Invoice as the opening or beginning balances for your Checking and Accounts Receivable in Express Accounts. Imagine how much time that will save you in setting up your accounts.


  1. Doing your own bookkeeping for your business is easy, but doing it with a good accounting software is easier and more convenient. I'm not saying that you shouldn't hire an accountant to do it for you, but it is more efficient when you do it on your own. Yes, starting with the most basic software could teach you how to use more comprehensive ones out there, so it's better to start from the basic then look for more advanced software if your business is starting to grow.

  2. One of the biggest advantages of accounting software is that they can do calculations automatically, so they are less prone to fraud and cheating. However, it would be smart to also have offline and paper back-ups of all records just in case the computer and the Internet fail.

  3. Technology really changes people’s lives, well, in a good way. And in order to build up your business you have to keep up with these changes. Most businesses today are taking advantage of the substantial benefits of accounting software, so why not do it as well? It’s not good to be left behind by your competition, especially when you can do something to step forward. :)

  4. You have a good point. As the business grows, outsourcing the management of some business procedures is a practical move. With this, the business can ensure that each department, particularly their finance sector, is managed properly. However, it has to be evaluated whether the business is capable of financing such an endeavor.

    Jamie Shellman


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