Monday, April 10, 2017

DIY Embroidery Pattern From Photo

Ignite Your Creative Side - Turn Your Special Photo into a Custom Embroidery Pattern in 4 Easy Steps

Parrot - DIY Project

Are you ready to tackle a new embroidery or cross stitch project, but can’t find a pattern that excites you? Try a DIY with your own personal twist. Convert any photo into a special embroidered art piece that can be used to decorate your room, for a personalized gift, or simply as a fun, unique embroidery project. Are you ready?

Things you will need

  • Photopad - an easy to use embroidery pattern and photo editing software
  • A picture that you love and adore

Step 1:  Open PhotoPad and select the Embroidery tool

PhotoPad - Photo Editor - Main Screen
PhotoPad - Main Screen

Step 2:  Select the picture for your custom embroidery design.

PhotoPad - Photo Editor - Image Selection Screen
PhotoPad - Photo Selection Screen

Step 3: Customize your embroidery design to your heart’s desire by choosing the number of embroidery floss colors and stitching details.

Embroidery Parrot with 15 colors and 75 stitches

Embroidery Parrot with 40 colors and 150 stitches

You can also crop, recolor, apply effects and do tons of other edits using PhotoPad – Please refer to the PhotoPad Help Manual at

Step 4:  Now, it’s time to print your free embroidery or cross stitch design!

Click on either the "Save to PDF" or the "Print Stitching Pattern" button in the layers panel to export your design. The export includes the stitching pattern and the embroidery floss color key.
Parrot - Stitching Pattern and Embroidery Floss Key

It’s time to start your project. Head to your local craft store with your embroidery floss key generated by PhotoPad to purchase your materials and get ready to stitch! Use any embroidery technique that you like – cross stitch, quick stitch, long stitch or free style hand embroidery.
What vacation photo, family picture, or pet photograph will you be using for your free embroidery pattern?

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  1. Wow.. This is amazing. What a step by step guide for best learning the art of embroidery digitizing. I love your above patterns. Good work. Keep it up. Thanks.