Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Video Software and YouTube Can Make Nice

Problem: you have a video you’d like to share with the world via YouTube, but for one reason or another, YouTube doesn’t like your movie file and ultimately rejects your upload. Uploading a video... the process sounds easy enough, but in reality, a lot of hand-shaking has to happen behind-the-scenes to get your video prepped accordingly before YouTube will accept your video. Do you wish there was an easy-to-use, yet powerful video editing package that would help streamline the process? Of course you do, and, like an arch-angel, VideoPad has jumped in to save the day!

If you’ve ever used any non-linear video editing software, exporting a project (that is, saving a project file to a watchable movie) can be the cause of many headaches, especially if all you want to do is upload a file to YouTube. Generally, you have to export your project file to an acceptable file format while keeping within the size limitations, and once that’s done, you’re at the mercy of YouTube to both encode the file properly and decide the video/audio quality, a sometimes shaky truce.

If you have ever had trouble with this in the past, you'll be happy to learn that VideoPad is one of the few video editing packages on the market that allows you to export your video directly to a YouTube-ready file. Simply select the "Save Movie" button from the toolbar, and in the window that pops up, choose one of the YouTube file formats under the preset tab; you can choose either YouTube standard, YouTube Widescreen or YouTube HQ, among others. VideoPad will do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring a pain-free uploading experience with minimal hassle when you're ready to share your final movie.

Taking things a step further, VideoPad even has custom presets for your mobile and PMP devices (such as the iPod, iPhone or PSP) for on-the-go sharing, so you can save your movie masterpiece to your cell phone too.

Such convenience usually has a price, but in this case, it’s free! Just head on over to NCH Software to download the free version of VideoPad Video Editor, and see just how easy sharing can be, and while you're at it maybe you might want to take a look at some of our other software for YouTube.

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  1. The upload to YouTube is indeed easy but there's one probel: the timing on at least the title image is not saved, throwing the audio and video out of sync. How can I fix that???


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