Friday, September 3, 2010

An Audio Swiss Army Knife

Switch Audio File Converter an Audio Swiss Army knife of toolsOnce again I find myself taking inspiration from Twitter. Similar to the "Twitter Principle of Software," I recently saw another tweet that stood out to me as really great q target="_blank"uote. This time about our Switch audio converter software:

@MountainDan: Switch from NCH Software is an amazing audio swiss army knife for Mac

I really like this metaphor. A pocket knife is compact but doubly handy because, despite its size, it has a tool for everything. We pride ourselves in the number of audio file formats that Switch can handle. It really can fit the job and convert the file no matter what audio file format you find yourself coming across or in need of. And, like a Swiss Army knife, it is all neatly packaged together in a light-weight, less than 500k application download that installs fast and is easy to use.

In fact, I'd like to think that our whole range of file converters and software are like the various tools of a Swiss Army knife. Need to convert a video file? We have Prism video converter for that. Need to remove background noise from an audio recording? We have Wavepad Audio Editor for that. Need to record what you are seeing on your screen? We have Debut Video Capture Software for video screen recording to solve that one. We have so many simple software solutions it's like having a full tool belt at your disposal, and we hope you remember that and turn to NCH Software when you are looking for solutions, whatever the problem at hand might be.


  1. Oh,that's cool!! All the gadgets are in one. This type of gadgets very useful at the time of travelling. Moreover various types of converter is also available. I like it dude.

  2. I say only...Wow! That's awsome!
    Thanks for sharing.
    - swiss army knife


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