Monday, October 25, 2010

Scary Halloween Tutorial: Make a Howling and Haunting Halloween Soundtrack

5 easy steps for making your own Halloween soundtrack

Last week we showed you how to spookify your screen saver in 3 easy steps using VideoPad. This week we'll help you prepare for that Halloween party you have planned, or for setting a spooky atmosphere for your trick-or-treaters with a haunting halloween soundtrack.

NCH Software Sound Effect Library1. Using WavePad audio editor, download three sounds from the sound effect library, found under the Tools menu. We recommend Ambience SciFi 1 for the background, and Nature Weather Lightning 3 and Human Scream 1 as accent sounds. Save them in a location you can remember. To download more than three sounds, upgrade to the WavePad Master's edition, or record more sounds of your own.

2. Open your downloaded sounds in WavePad. For the basics of using WavePad, view the WavePad tutorial series.

3. Copy your background sound and paste at the end of the file one or two times, so the length of your soundtrack becomes a few minutes long.

WavePad Audio Paste Mix 4. In this step, you are going to add your accent sounds to your background sound. Copy the entirety of one of your accent sounds, then go back to the window with your background sound. Place your cursor in a random location, then select Paste Mix from the Edit menu and click OK on the dialog that appears. The accent sound will be pasted over the background sound. Repeat this process as many times as you want for each accent sound throughout the duration of the background sound file.

5. Save your finished background file with the added accents to a format suitable for your CD player or portable device. When you play the soundtrack, make sure you loop it so the sounds play continually throughout your Halloween night.

With Christmas around the corner, you can get a head start on personalizing Christmas songs with reindeer noises, elves cheering, and bells ringing using the same steps given here. Feel free to share your creations, and we'll feature you on our blog!

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