Thursday, July 11, 2013

Royalty-Free Music Library

Royalty-Free SFX and Music Library When you purchase products like MixPad audio mixer, WavePad audio editor or VideoPad video editor from NCH Software, you get more than just high quality audio and video software. You also get hundreds of dollars worth of royalty-free music and sound effects that you can use in your productions.

Your purchase entitles you to download, at no additional cost, a wide array of music clips in genres such as blues, dance, and rock. You can also download lots of sound effects including animals, alarms, office sounds, sports and many others.

Music and sound effects libraries can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase and use in your audio and video productions. But with products like VideoPad, WavePad and MixPad you won't spend an extra cent for all those music clips and sound effects.

The term royalty-free, if you're not familiar with it, means that you can use this copyrighted material without paying royalties or license fees for each use. The reason you don't have to pay is that NCH Software purchased this library of music and sound effects and negotiated to allow our customers free use of the library. Even if you are creating a project for which you're getting paid you can use the music and sound effects library for your production.

If you have wondered if the sound effects in the sound library can be used for your projects. The answer is that the library can be used in a wide range of productions:

You have the right to synchronize the audio content with audio and/or visual productions or applications such as:
  • film, video, DVD & TV productions
  • training, marketing and trade show presentations
  • corporate videos & educational applications
  • on hold messages & advertising
  • radio presentations & commercials
  • television presentations & commercials
  • live performances
  • speech & audio book products
  • Web pages & multimedia presentations
  • PowerPoint & Flash productions
  • interactive programs & computer games
  • AV & computer generated displays, podcasts
    (all such applications hereinafter referred to as "the Production")
You may create copies of the Production. If you sell, lease, give away or otherwise distribute copies of the Production, the rights and limitations to synchronized audio content as outlined are in effect for the life of the Production and pass automatically to the End User of the Production. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

So, the next time you create an audio or video project, be sure to take advantage of the bonus royalty-free music and sound effects library included with your editing software.

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