Thursday, January 21, 2010

Express Dictate Software helps a Medical Practice Find More Time for Patients

You’ve got to love it when someone calls what you’re offering “a revelation.”

Those are the words of Dr. Sam Rodgers, general practitioner at the London-based Marven Medical Center, which treats 5,000 patients.

On an average day, each physician at Marven Medical dictates between 8 and 12 letters using Express Dictate to make their recordings at a computer set up with a microphone. Combined, that makes for a lot of letters that need to be sent out.

medical dictation softwareExpress dictate has been a revelation,” Dr. Rodgers said. “We used to use tapes and dictaphones to record our letters. We now dictate the letters on to our desktop machines as we see the patient.”

Rodgers and his staff have found that in working with digital audio they have had improved audio quality, reducing the number of questions from the administrative staff about what the doctor was saying. They also love the backup feature, because they can recover recordings if there are any queries after the letter has been typed and sent. And the office’s workflow is much more efficient, as the letters are typed as soon as they are sent to the typist—no waiting for a tape to be filled with dictation before being given to the receptionist.

And those are just a few of the benefits to using Express Dictate Dictation Software. The software also allows for assigning priority to dictations, keeping track of transcription progress and the expected completion times, as well as having HIPAA compliant encryption capabilities.

If your office or firm is in need of its own “revelation,” give Express Dictate a try. Or take a look at our full range of dictation software to find more ways set up a dictation solution to meet your individual needs; including dictating on the go from your Pocket PC, Palm or iPhone.

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