Friday, February 19, 2010

New Sound Effect Library Added to WavePad

New WavePad Sound Effect Library WavePad audio editing software is an NCH Software favorite, making us all the more excited to announce the addition of a sound effect library, and giving WavePad fans another reason to love this audio editor. Starting with the release of version 4.40, WavePad now includes access to an extensive sound effect library.

The new Sound Effect Library contains one thousand high quality wav fx files comprised of 800 SFX files and 200 music files. Audio enthusiasts can browse and preview all of the audio clips by opening the Sound Library window found under Tools from the WavePad main window.

The Sound Effect Library includes:
  • Alerts
  • Cartoon sound effects
  • Gunshots and Explosions
  • Human sound effects like screaming
  • Animals and Nature
  • Whoosh effects
  • and Many Many More
I encourage you to Download WavePad today and checkout this wonderful new sound effect library. During the free 14-day trial period you will be limited to downloading three of the sound effect files, but you can preview them all, and you will have unlimited access to the entire sound library after purchasing this popular and powerful sound editor.

We hope that you find having these sound effects on hand is useful while you are working on your audio editing projects, and we'd love to know what you think about this great new addition to WavePad and how you are using the new sound effects.

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  1. Love the sound effects there a way to add sounds to the library...that would be awesome if we could.