Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Free Business Card Designer Software

Business Card Design SoftwareWe are really excited to announce the newest addition to our software library, CardWorks, a completely free business card design application. CardWorks comes complete with a range of business card templates you can use to create the perfect business card for your every need. So whether you are a job-hunting grad doing networking rounds or a part-time freelancer working from home, you can easily select and customize a business card design to fit your personal or corporate brand, giving your clients, customers and business contacts easy access to all your pertinent contact information.

In addition to the templates that are built into the application we are working on creating a diverse business card template library that we will be continuing to add new designs to. These additional templates will also all be available completely free to download and use with CardWorks.

business card design software color schemesOne of the coolest features in this program is that not only can you select a template design for your business cards, but you can also change the color scheme on any one of the templates. This greatly multiplies the number of possibilities, giving you additional control over the final design, and making it that much easier for you to find a perfect fit for your business.

Learn more about this exciting new application at: www.nchsoftware.com/businesscard. We hope you will give it and our other business software products a try.


  1. Business cards really helped us for advertising our business.
    I will recommend this service to all new businesses.
    Business card printer

  2. Very cool software indeed. I like the idea of making my own card in a simple, clean design. I used this software in my office the other day, it's really easy to handle. I made my daughter a couple, too. She took them to school and was so happy about them. :)

  3. Easy to install and friendly to operate..this tool is very helpful in generating captivating cards to promote business...

  4. Really thanks for this list. It will definitely help learners like me.. keep it up.....Thanks


  5. This is so nice. I will definitely use this for designing my Plastic business cards. Thanks for sharing.


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