Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where does the time go?

I listen to a local radio station in the mornings when I am getting up and getting ready to go into the office, and I often catch their daily trivia question. The other day the question was about what the average person spends 14 hours a day doing? The answer? Sitting. We spend most of our days sitting. Sitting on the coach, in our cars, at our desk.

Employee time tracking softwareThis is a crazy statistic, and it reminded me of a conversation we had in our office recently about how much time we spend doing different things. We use one of program, FlexiServer Productivity & Attendance Software, to track the hours of everyone at NCH whether they work in one of our two main offices, or are remote testers or support personnel. And one of the things that you can see with Flexi is the percentage of your time spent in various applications. I don't remember how the topic came up but one day most of us took a look at our personal; stats to see where our time was going. Not surprising most everyone in the rest of the office had one predominant application like Visual Basic for programming. While over in marketing I personally had no application getting more than twenty percent of my time but it was fascinating to see a breakdown of where I spending time. From Outlook for email to Internet browsers and graphics applications and notepad, and lots of NCH products to boot, it was readily apparent that my days are in no way monotonous. I would have a hard time explaining my typical work day to anyone since there are almost never two days alike on my side of the business, and personally I relish that degree of unpredictability and new hurdles to overcome.

What about you? What are your days spent doing? Does one application dominate your computer usage as you spend a large chunk of those 14 hours sitting at your desk? Where does all of that time go?

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