Friday, September 17, 2010

Announcing Copper Point of Sale Software

Copper point of sale software generates receipts, tracks transactions and moreOur Business Team has been busy expanding the range of products that we have to help small businesses. We had Reflect CRM Software join the ranks in June, and now we have just complete and released Copper, a point of sale software system perfect for retail stores.

Copper works a like a cash register. You can input the different products you carry into the system as well as coupons and promotions that can then be easily added to a purchase by the cashier when someone is checking out. Copper will help eliminate errors in product pricing, calculate subtotals and tax, and generate receipts. You can even customize your printed receipt, all to help improve the entire checkout process and customer relationship.

If you run a retail store, Copper allows you to have multiple cashiers cashiers logging in, making it easy it easy to standardize your product pricing and discounts as well as reducing errors. Whether you are looking for a better a better way to record sales transactions or print out receipts for customers, we hope you will give Copper point of sales software a try along with other some of our other business software solutions for a complete and integrated solution.

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