Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Transitions and Other VideoPad Video Editing Improvements

New VideoPad Transitions and EffectsThe latest release of VideoPad video editor is making it even easier to do more with your video files. Version 2.20 was a significant and exciting release, adding even more of the features you've been asking for. If you have used VideoPad before, you will notice that the main screen has tabs for easier access to the additional transitions and effects that we have added. Now you can make your clip look like it has an old film quality, transition between clips with a wipe or a page curl, and play around with the numerous other transitions and effects for a video that’s all your own.

VideoPad also features a new overlay track that will allow you to extend the same text over one or more video clips, with options for making things like scrolling credits a breeze. VideoPad fans won't want to miss these improvements, and people new to video editing will be amazed at how easy making movies can be. Be sure to keeping feeding us your comments and suggestions on all of our software products so we can tailor them to better suit your needs.


  1. Burn your movie project to DVD for playback on TV or in a standalone video file for enjoying on web and portable devices

  2. Why don't the DVds from VideoPad run on my players? They play on my Panasonic DVD recorder but not on my Panasonic DVD player, Sony DVD Player or Phillips TV/DVD

    1. Some DVD players support only some specific format of videos only.. So you need to change the format of video


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