Wednesday, March 21, 2012

H is for Hardware

H is for HardwareNCH Software ABCs Series

Hardware and software can't help but go hand in hand. You need a computer to run your software, a microphone to record audio, a video camera to capture videos, a phone for your apps and the list goes on. Despite being two distinct things, you cannot accomplish much with one and not the other. What can you do with a computer and no software? Or software without a computer for it to be installed on? Which is why so many of our software products have a section on the webpage or in the help talking about hardware related to that program.

AltoEdge is our sister company and carries hardware that compliments and has been tested with our software programs. For example, you can find foot pedals to go with Express Scribe. Video capture devices to help you connect older camcorders or VCRs to your computer so you can digitize old home movies. Then you can use VideoPad to edit and remaster, Express Burn to burn to DVD, or share them online. For the audio enthusiast there are microphones, headsets, mixing consoles and more audio equipment to help you record, mix, listen and produce high quality audio with our audio programs.

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