Thursday, March 8, 2012

G is for Graphics

NCH Software ABCs Series

G is for Graphics SoftwareGraphics, photos, pictures and images: we are a very visual society between the tv and media we consume, to the pictures we share online. NCH graphics, image and photo software is available to help you edit photos, convert image formats or add pictures to other projects with software like Disketch CD and DVD labeling software to add that finishing visual touch to your discs.

Also included in our graphics software are some programs that might not immediately jump to mind because they are used in a business environment. Our graphics team also works on Barillo barcode generator and CardWorks business card software. Graphics are important not only in media but also in a professional setting, and we plan to expand the graphic tools we offer in the future to include even more useful applications. For example, we are currently in the early stages of development on a program for creating flow charts and diagrams. Our current range of graphics software includes:
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