Friday, March 30, 2012

I is for International

NCH Software ABCs Series

I is for International, Software from NCHThere's no doubt about it, NCH Software is an international company. Over a span of nearly 20 years, NCH Software has set up base out of Canberra, Australia, established a second office in Denver, Colorado, and has remote employees clocking in from several other countries spanning the globe. Our customers are international too: not only are people downloading and using our software in multiple English speaking countries, but our most popular applications are also being translated into Spanish, French, German and Japanese to make our software even more accessible worldwide.

Our localization specialists translate the user interface, test for country-specific appropriateness and suggest changes to better adapt applications to non-English speaking markets. They also translate web content so that French, German, Japanese and Spanish-speaking Internet users can find, download and purchase our software securely in their own language from start to finish.

We are also international in retail with software available in stores across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom—a list we hope to expand as we continue grow. We also plan to continue translating our software products and programs to continue bringing you easy-to-use, affordable software solutions no matter where you happen to be—from Australia to Deutschland, or even a deserted island.

Take a look at what NCH Software has to offer in the language of your choice:
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