Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 Easy Ways to Rotate Video

how to rotate a videoNeed to rotate a video? Whether you recorded video on your phone in the wrong orientation or are you want to rotate a video solely for effect, NCH Software has two easy ways for you to rotate your video clips.

If rotating is the only thing you want to do to your video, or if you want to rotate a bunch of videos all at once, then Prism Video Converter is the way to go. Not only can Prism convert video formats, it can also be used to rotate videos. To rotate a video you have loaded into Prism, click the Effects button at the bottom of the window, and set the rotation from the Rotate tab. To Rotate multiple videos the same direction just select them all before opening the Effects effects to save the time of setting the rotation to each clip individually.

If you will be doing more video editing with your rotated video clip, then you might want to rotate your video directly in VideoPad Video Editor instead of using Prism. To rotate in VideoPad, select the video clip on the timeline then choose Rotate on the Effects tab, where you can once again use the arrows to rotate the video clip to the right or left, and notice that the preview will change to display the new orientation of your video clip. Tip: You may need to combine the rotate effect with the crop effect to maintain the aspect ratio of your video without the addition of black bands to the sides of your now rotated video clip.


  1. Thanks. This is an informative blog. The ability to router video using a software is an incredible thing.

  2. Those ways that you have given is quite useful! thanks!

  3. WOW! I never thought videos could be edited like that after being recorded, and with software! My first bet would've been to print out all frames one by one, and then re-scan them at a different angle, then create an animated .gif file from those images using paint shop pro.

    - Billy bob

  4. I don't have a rotate option under effects. Any suggestions?


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