Friday, September 28, 2012

S if for Sharing

NCH Software ABCs Series

Social Sharing Software When you record, edit and create a video it is usually not only to enjoy and relive the moments again yourself, but more often than not you want to share those videos with friends, family and a greater audience. We have shown you before how you can easily go from VideoPad to YouTube, a feature shared with PhotoStage slideshow maker and Debut video recording software. But did you know that YouTube isn't your only choice to easily share straight from your NCH video software?

Share your videos, slideshows and tutorials online with easy sharing options for uploading. Upload your videos to Facebook or Flickr in addition to YouTube to share life's moments or show your inner videographer. And for more ways to share don't forget you can broadcasting or stream audio and video which we talked about on L if for Live because you can share prerecorded content too.

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