Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Free and Easy Backup Software, Now Available for Mac OS X

freeHaving a backup system is an important line of defense to prevent you from losing any important files or photo memories you have on your computer. FileFort is a simple, yet powerful data backup program that is now available for Mac OS X in addition to Windows. With FileFort backup software you can automatically backup all your files, folders, documents and photos to any one of a large number of places. Burn your files to CD DVD or Blu-ray disc, save them on a USB flash drive, upload them to a remote FTP server or even store them of an online account such as Dropbox or Google drive.

Simply select what files should be saved, where to save them, and schedule how often to have the back up run. It is like having an insurance policy on your files, only instead of getting compensation if something is lost, you can retrieve the actual files. This really is one of those cases where it is better to be safe than sorry, so whether you are on a PC or a Mac if you don't have a backup solution already in place you will want to download FileFort backup software today to set things up quickly and easily, for added peace of mind in minutes.

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