Friday, December 28, 2012

Z is for Zip

NCH Software ABCs Series

Z is for Zipping Software Whether you are compressing individual files to reduce their size, or compressing groups of files and folders into a single, tightly wrapped package, file compression is useful for both data storage and sharing files. Particularly when transferring large files the reduced file sizes from compression can make emailing and sending large amounts of content much more efficient.

The .zip file format was one of the first, and remains one of the most common, file compression formats. So common that "zip" has become synonymous with file compression. Even when other compression or archive formats are used people will still frequently refer to the process of extracting the contents of those file as "unzipping."

When it comes to Express Zip file compression software, part of what makes it great is allowing users to "unzip" those other archive formats. Express Zip only creates new .zip files, but it will open or "unzip" other compressed archive files, or even convert them into .zip files for greater compatibility with other you might pass the file onto in the future. So be sure to zip up your data in fast and functional way with Express Zip to help make your data storage and file sharing easy and worry free.

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