Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Compact Cassette Turns 50

Our more seasoned readers will all remember the days of compact audio cassettes—winding them with a pencil and all. Not to make those readers feel old, but today Philips is celebrating the 50th Birthday of the compact cassette.

"On this day in 1963 the Philips Pocket Recorder EL3300, also known as the compact cassette, was introduced to the world!"
   – Philips

While the heyday of the cassette is past us and it is now seen more as a retro and iconic image of those times, if you still have a collection of cassettes you may want to give them a digital makeover for their birthday. With Golden Records Analog Audio Converter you can not only digitize vinyl records but you can convert audio cassettes too. Guiding you from connecting your cassette deck to your computer through to saving MP3 files so you can bring your old favorites to your new devices and relive those fond memories.

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