Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teaching Reading Fluency With Podcasts

Book About Teaching Reading Fluency We were excited to hear about the newly published book, From Fluency to Comprehension, part of a Teaching Practices That Work Series. Not only is this an important topic and a resource full of practical information for teachers, we first heard about this book from Sheri Vasinda and Julie McLeod who wrote one of the chapters on podcasting approaches to reading fluency. In that chapter they feature the Pocket WavePad mobile application, complete with illustrations, for recording and emailing scripts.

So if you are an educator or parent of a young reader, take a closer look at this new book about building the skills students need to read accurately, meaningfully and expressively. This guide incorporates activities, examples and technology—like our very own WavePad—to provide students with the essential components of reading comprehension. A fundamental skill for learning, and as someone who strongly believes in lifelong learning, a cause I am happy to see us support even in the littlest of ways.

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