Thursday, October 3, 2013

Video Editing On The Go - VideoPad For Android Is Here

In May 2013, YouTube celebrated its 8th anniversary announcing that 100 hours worth of video is uploaded every minute—that's four days worth of video every minute! And YouTube isn't the only place to upload videos, there are lots of other sites to upload videos of our children, pets, vacations or just about any aspect of our daily lives.

A lot of us shoot videos in all kinds of locations and don't want to wait to get home to our computers to edit that video. We want to share that video with our family and friends as soon as possible.

With VideoPad for Android, NCH Software has made it incredibly easy to edit and enhance videos while on-the-go. This new release for Android lets you take advantage of all the powerful video recording and editing tools you have come to love, from the convenience of your Kindle or Android tablet.

VideoPad Android Video Editing App

With VideoPad for Android it's easier than ever to create top-quality videos and have the instant gratification of sharing your videos in record time.

VideoPad Movie & Video Editor for Android lets you record or import video from your tablet and get straight to editing instead of waiting to get to a computer. VideoPad includes features to fine-tune the brightness and color of videos and add other visual effects. You can rotate videos that were recorded at different orientations so their perspectives match. You can trim videos down to size, zoom in on clips, add music, narration, video effects, transitions and complete all edits quickly and easily.

Even though VideoPad for Android has only just been released it's already getting four- and five-star reviews on the Google Play app store, and we are certain you will love it too. If you're already shooting and editing lots of video, or if you're just getting started, VideoPad for Android tablets is one app you won't want to miss. Install it today to create videos you'll be proud to share from wherever you are.


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  2. Can the developers give me a list of devices that's supported by the application..?


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