Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Write the Perfect Valentine's Day Love Song

Best Words for Your Love Song Lyrics

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Writing your Valentine a love song? Have writer's block?

Don't worry, here is some inspiration for you!

From an analysis of the Billboard Top 50 Love Songs of All Time, here are the 60 most commonly used words in alphabetical order:
  1. ago 
  2. around 
  3. baby 
  4. belong 
  5. best 
  6. better 
  7. boom 
  8. breaking 
  9. care 
  10. cause 
  11. deny 
  12. diamonds 
  13. every 
  14. eyes 
  15. feel 
  16. found 
  17. girl 
  18. give 
  19. go 
  20. gonna 
  21. got 
  22. happy 
  23. heart 
  24. hold 
  25. hopeless 
  26. hours 
  27. know 
  28. let 
  29. like 
  30. living 
  31. long 
  32. love 
  33. loved 
  34. made 
  35. make 
  36. mind 
  37. need 
  38. oh 
  39. one 
  40. place 
  41. protection 
  42. really 
  43. see 
  44. selection 
  45. show 
  46. side 
  47. silly 
  48. stop 
  49. suposed 
  50. tell 
  51. til 
  52. time 
  53. useless 
  54. want 
  55. way 
  56. whoa 
  57. wish 
  58. world 
  59. yeah 
  60. yesterday

Now Combine the Lyrics with the Music

When you're done writing your new masterpiece, give it that professionally produced sound by using mixing software - give MixPad a try.

MixPad allows users to:

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  • Use audio effects to give your Valentine Song that professional flair 
  • Add sound effects and music to your love mix with the built-in royalty-free music library
  • Add additional studio effects and instruments with VST plugin support

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