Monday, June 27, 2016

Apply the Ken Burns Effect with VideoPad - Pan and Zoom

What is the Ken Burns Effect?

In our newest release of VideoPad 4.45 we have added the Pan and Zoom Effect, also known as the Ken Burns Effect, to our Video Effects menu. The Ken Burns effect is a striking pan and zoom effect that is useful in bringing focus to specific elements in a static frame of a video. This method was used extensively by documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, for whom the technique is named. Burns used archival footage in his documentaries and applied a zoom effect to add interest and movement to his work. The Ken Burns Effect is often seen in YouTube videos and is an effective tactic to create the impression of movement in a static frame.

How To: Pan and Zoom with VideoPad

Step 1: Prepare Video Clip 

To begin, identify the part of your video that you would like to focus on in your pan and zoom. Often, faces or background scenery are used as focus points. If you would like to apply the pan and zoom effect to a portion of your video, you will need to split the clip into sections before applying the Pan and Zoom effect. To split a clip, click on the timeline where you would like the effect to begin and select "Split". 

Step 2: Apply Pan and Zoom Effect

To apply the Ken Burns Effect, begin by selecting the clip that the effect will be applied to. From the "Video Effects" dropdown, select "Pan and Zoom". 

Step 3: Select Focus Point

When you select the Pan and Zoom effect, a small "FX" or Effects window will appear. Here you can elect to begin the Pan and Zoom Effect at the Start or the End of the selected clip. In the Clip Preview area, you can drag the outline to select part of the video frame as a focus point. 

New Release: PhotoPad Image Editor for Mac OS X

Download PhotoPad 2.82 now at Also available for Android and Windows at the same page

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just Released: Express Dictate for iOS

Download Express Dictate 5.94 now at Also available for Windows, Android and Mac OS X at the same page
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