Thursday, August 25, 2016

Create and Design a Professional Business Card

create your own business card
"Go out of your way to make an outstanding first impression."

The professional world weighs heavy on the first impressions, these can make or break any deal or job opportunity. Having a well designed business card is similar to a sturdy handshake and welcoming smile, it shows others that the individual has a strong sense of organization and presentation. Creating and designing a business card is incredibly easy with the proper business card design software. NCH Cardworks provides several intuitive tools and free business card templates to use.

How to Design a Business Card

Step 1: Download NCH Cardworks and browse the several available templates. Start sketching and envisioning the layout of the card. Make sure to include all the most crucial information: name, image (logo or headshot), business phone, personal phone (optional), email (professional), website, LinkedIn, and more.

business card designs

Step 2: Make sure that the most important information is in, but not overcrowding the layout. Business cards should have a focal point that drives the eyes to the most crucial information. Whether that be the brand imagery or the contact information, this is where the eyes of the beholder need to fixate. 

Step 3: Do NOT forget about the back of the card, be sure to leave a lasting image on the reverse side. Preferably a slogan and brand image will create a lasting impression on the viewer. Leaving a blank back to a card makes it look rushed and cheap. Balance the imagery on the back and front.

Step 4: Once the card has been reviewed, begin the export or printing process. Feel free to print it if you have the necessary tools to make a quality business card. But, it may be easier to export the files and have them professionally printed. This is not a hasty decision, business cards can help make a new business deal, secure a new position or win a free sandwich.

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  1. Business card is the real face of business and by seeing that people make 70% imagination regarding your business. nice tool to personalized business card design tool.


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