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Create Custom Effects Templates with VideoPad

Create and Save Custom Effects Templates with VideoPad Video Editor

Create and Save Custom Effects Templates with VideoPad Video Editor

When editing videos with VideoPad on Mac or Windows, you can create and save custom effects templates to reuse on other video editing projects. Saving a custom effect chain can save time editing future projects and can make watermark placements, color filters, effects combinations and more very easy to customize and use. Templates can help video editors quickly and easily add exact effects to multiple videos to create a consistent look, feel or branding. 

Adding Effects with VideoPad

To begin creating a custom effects template, select a video clip or image from the timeline and click on the "FX" button that appears on the video clip or image.

This will open the effects box, where you can see all effects that have been added to a specific video or image. To add an effect from the effects box, click on the green "+" button in the upper left hand corner of the effects box. 

Create a Custom Effects Template

To create an effects template, apply one or more effects to the selected video clip. When you would like to save a chain of effects as a template, click on the save icon in the effects box. These screenshots were made for windows, but this will work for VideoPad Mac also. 

VideoPad will prompt you to name the template that you have created. Once you have saved your template, it will be available for quick access in the Templates section of the "Effects" menu in VideoPad.  

Create an Effects Template for a Logo Overlay

An overlay template can make consistent video branding and watermarks a snap. To create a template for a logo overlay, place your logo on the timeline and select it. Png images work best for overlays, but other image formats can work as well. Click on the "FX" box on the selected timeline image in order to open the Effects dialogue box. 

Apply effects in order to change the size, opacity and placement of the image to fit your needs by clicking on the "+" icon and selecting effects. For a watermark, select "Transparency" to make the image more transparent. Select the "Scale" effect to change the size of the image as needed. Finally, select "Positioning" to move the image up, down, left or right. When you are happy with your effects, click on the save icon in the upper left hand corner of the FX box to save the effect as a template. 

Create a Color Filter Template

To create a color filter template on VideoPad video editor for Mac or Windows, open the FX effects box and create a coloring that you would like to save by applying one or more effects from the "Blending and Color Correction" and "Filters" effects sections. 

To save your effects as a template to use later, click on the save icon in the FX box  that says, "Save as effect chain template", and enter a template name for your pre-set effects template. After you have saved your pre-set template, a new icon will appear in the Effects list under the "Templates" section. You can also use templates to save common motion effect combinations.

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