Friday, May 5, 2017

Choosing the Right Movie Making Software

Want to try your hand at Movie Making or Video Production? Start here - Choosing the Right Software

Video Editing - Combining Videos to form a Sequence

It will just be a big fat lie if anyone of us said that we had never thought even once of making a video.

It may be for a loved one, for yourself, desire to become a professional, as a hobby, or just to test your own video or movie making skills after you saw a video and believed you could have done a better job. And mind you, with the plethora of extremely easy to use movie maker options now available, you may have proven yourself right as well.

Also, the cost of testing your skills or giving yourself a chance is next to zilch now with plenty of free video/movie editing software's available for your hands.

With the age of technology, we spend a whole lot of time on screen and one of the most effective ways in which we absorb information is through videos. Video is a medium which touches more than one human sensory.

So then comes a point on what all should you consider before selecting and downloading a movie maker. You will get nth number of factors, but I would like to stick to the top most essential factors.

  1. Foremost and utmost important - HARDWARE - Does the movie maker support your hardware. Anything else comes later. This is one thing you cant really change as its more permanent and expensive to change. Until and unless you are a thorough professional in the movie making and editing space.

  2. SUPPORT - I put this in BIG and BOLD as SUPPORT in itself encompasses a lot of aspects.

    • Supports the format of your video - The next important factor to consider is the support for various formats. Does the software support your desired input and output format? I give this lesser importance than hardware as this can still be dealt with the use of a video converter. Not the most ideal option, however a manageable option, if required.

    • Supports the resolution that you desire - Does the editor/Movie maker support the output resolution you so desire? Does the video software give you the ability to toggle between output resolutions.
    • Adjusting Resolution for YouTube

    • Technical Support - Does the software provider have a good help desk and support? How long has the software maker been in the video editing space? How seasoned is the software provider? These factors also translate into the software stability and the upgrades you will receive going forward. This may not seem very vital just upfront but you realize the importance of it if you get stuck editing your video or movie.

  3. Budget for the Video/Movie editing software - This is applicable to all levels of users of a video editor. It is very easy to be swayed or overwhelmed by a list of features, fancy marketing videos, and tutorials that some software companies showcase. What is important for you is to assess what you are willing to pay for such a software as the range is wide. You can get an editor for as less as $30 or it can even stretch to a couple of thousand dollars. So where do you fit in the range. Define a price range for yourself. I say a range and not a point as it allows you an opportunity to evaluate software around your price point.

  4. What features do you value the most - What is that you cant do without in the movie making endeavour. To name just a few - is it the use of transitions? or is it pan and zoom? or is it picture in picture split? Or multi-track video effects? A novice to video editing may or may not be able to assess this at the start, which makes me come down to the point of Trial versions. Any reliable, reputable video editing software provider will most definitely provide a free trial version of its software which you can use to determine which features you value most.  For professional and seasoned users of video editors/movie makers, this part is fairly easy as they know the features they expect from a video editing software.
  5. Adding Visual Effects
    Adding Effects

  6. Cost Benefit Analysis - Combine both the points mentioned above - Budget and features and you will get to a conclusion as to which is the best suited editor for you. One which fits your pocket and requirements.

Now get clicking to find the best movie making software for your needs and produce the movies that you always wanted.

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