Thursday, February 25, 2010

NCH is More Helpful than Ever

A big change is going on behind the scenes here at NCH. Our printed manuals have a new look, and will be delivered faster than ever before.

Help documentation for any NCH application is always available through the program by pressing F1, or by locating it through the Help menu. But occasionally, it’s just easier to see it in a book in front of you. Physical manuals and product CDs can be ordered at the time of your software purchase, or through technical support CD and Manual Ordering for anyone who wants to have that hard copy on hand for reference.

Previously, we filled these orders manually out of our Australia office. To help us manage and automate this process we enlisted the help of the on-demand printer Gung-Ho. So now, if you order a manual and CD, you’ll receive a snazzy little booklet with all the help you need to run your application.

We hope you like the new manuals, and find them as helpful as ever!

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