Monday, March 22, 2010

MixPad Multitrack audio recording and mixing software now available for Mac

MixPad Multitrack audio recording and mixing software now available for Mac MixPad multi-track audio mixing software is now available for Mac. MixPad has been the perfect complement to WavePad for Windows users for a long time, expanding audio editing capabilities to that of a full blown sound studio. We are really excited to offer this audio powerhouse pair to our Mac users as well.

MixPad has all the features professionals need for low latency multitrack recording and mixing for creating music mixes, radio advertisements, soundtracks, or remixes. You can load audio files, record clips directly, or drag and drop files from your desktop to the program where they will be added to the timeline for powerful audio mixing capabilities, including unlimited track mixing so you can handle over a hundred track simultaneously.

So whether you are on Mac or a PC, if you are serious about audio you should be sure to check out MixPad and WavePad for all you audio editing and mixing needs.


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  2. Good thing that it is now available in Mac! I can create and edit my music using it.

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