Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Practice Transcription Audio Files

practice typing transcriptionOne of the questions I have seen asked several times in transcription forums in the past is from people new to the field looking for audio files to practice transcribing. I've always thought it would be great to provide some practice files to the next generation of Express Scribe transcriptionists to use as they are learning and gaining experience in transcription. Half the battle at the start of a transcriptionist’s career is getting fully acquainted with transcription playback software or practicing using a transcription foot pedal for that extra edge of hands-free audio control that can be such a huge efficiency boost.

With that said, I am really excited that, with the help of our friends at Accuro Transcription Services, we have pooled together a new resource for transcription students, providing several sample audio files to use with Express Scribe transcription playback software to practice your transcribing skills. In addition to the audio files, we have also included final transcribed PDFs that you can check your work against after you've finished typing out the sample.

So if you are looking for some practice transcription files, or know someone else just starting out in transcription, be sure to check out this new Practice Transcription Resource available at NCH Software, and maybe stick around and look at some of our other software for typists while you're there.


  1. Heya¡­my very first comment on your site. ,I have been reading your blog for a while and thought I would completely pop in and drop a friendly note. . It is great stuff indeed. I also wanted to there a way to subscribe to your site via email?

    medical transcriptionist

  2. Lullu,
    Thanks for the comment. glad you've been following us. We do have an email newsletter we send out twice a month if you are interested in receiving that. You can sign up at:

  3. How does a very new person to transcribing learn the different formats or how audios should be transcribed? I like how I'm now finding ways to practice transcribing, but how does a new person get jobs transcribing if the person has never had clients & when some want experienced transcribers?

  4. Hi nchsoftware, I'm also into transcribing, I would also like to know what are the different types of professional transcription services offered. Can you help me on this? I'm planning to have it as a part time.


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