Monday, April 26, 2010

Record Audio Playing Through Your Speakers
An Easy Stereo Mix Alternative

record what your speakers are playing For those of you that have used the "Stereo Mix" feature of your sound card to record audio playing on your Windows computer in the past, you might be surprised to find that this feature isn't readily available on Windows 7. Several NCH customers have informed me that they have started using SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder as an alternative to Stereo Mix on Windows 7, after experiencing frustration with this feature gap.

After doing a little research online it seems that the primary concern leading to Windows dropping Stereo Mix is concerns about maintaining DRM (Digital Rights Management) on copy-protected audio files. They seem to have forgotten that there are a large number of perfectly legal reasons you might want to record audio that is playing through your computer. Some soundcards do allow you to update your drivers online to regain this functionality, but not all, so what used to be an easy recording option can now be quite a headache to try and get up and running. So we are glad to offer SoundTap as an easy way to record audio playing through your computer to solve this problem.

SoundTap records audio through a virtual driver on your computer for high quality audio recording. There are DRM restrictions in place to protect rights-managed content, but SoundTap reopens the door to record high quality audio from a multitude of audio streams. So if you've been looking for a simple way to capture audio playing through your computer, NCH's SoundTap audio stream recorder may be exactly the software solution you need.


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