Monday, October 4, 2010

Create Unique Sounds with MixPad and WavePad

MixPad is typically used as a multitrack audio recorder and mixer instead of spending 10’s of thousands of dollars for a professional multitrack mixing desk. However, I like to Sound Waveuse MixPad to create a variety of unique sounds I can use as sound effects or to play on my synthesizer. These sound effects can be used in commercials, movies, videos, music, audio programs, or by DJs on the radio. I still have a synthesizer in my basement midi studio that utilizes waveform oscillators to create sounds. One of them was advanced for the time and had 3 oscillators to create sound. With MixPad, I can create sounds with a virtually unlimited number of oscillators by loading snippets of sounds on the tracks and mixing them to create a new unique sound. MixPad has given me a range of possibilities I hadn’t had before.

To create your own sounds, once MixPad and WavePad are installed, all you need is a sound or waveform. You can get this from WavePad’s new sound library, NCH Tone Generator (another handy program from NCH Software), load an mp3 from your computer, rip tracks from a cd, or record a new sound with a microphone. I would begin in WavePad and play around with the sound. Listen to it forwards, backwards, apply live effects, etc. Once you have the fundamental sound, you can load it into MixPad to mix with other sounds. MixPad will allow you to stagger and mix the various snippets of sound you create. The result is a unique sound envelope that is yours and doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. Vanilla Ice could have learned a lot from this simple technique back in the early 90’s.


  1. LOL, that's true - I wonder how early 90's music would be like if they had softwares like MixPad... ;) In any case, I just downloaded MixPad from their site a week ago, thanks to your post here, and I gotto say I really like it. It's easy to use, it's clean and clear and has some neat features. Thanks for posting!

  2. This was a great blog......... i like it........

  3. I've had mixpad and wavpad for a year or so, and worked well in the beginning, but lately have had mixed results, namely: wavpad only works sporadically without crashing on the slightest edit function, and mixpad does not fully save files, as it indicates. Upon reopening the program at a later date, there has been multiple times it has gone back to the original created file instead of the updated one...then have to redo everything. Getting a little bummed at both programs


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