Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dictation Software On the Go: Four Ways to Save Time

Dictation software for people on the goIf dictations are a major part of your practice or business, you know how it feels to be tied down to devices and software set up on a limited number of computers. We've anticipated the times you can't use your regular dictation setup, or when you're looking to add flexibility to the ways you can make dictations. No matter where you are, or what kind of device/computer/laptop you are or aren't carrying with you, we have dictation solutions for you to make your medical, law, or business dictations and send to your transcriptionist securely.

Pocket Dictate
This iPhone app gives you ultimate freedom to make dictations away from the office. Record into your phone, then send directly to your transcription service or typist.
Download Pocket Dictate free

Express Dictate
If you already have a dictation device, make sure you're familiar with the Express Dictate Dock feature to load dictations you record away from your desk. Express Dictate also makes it easy to send dictations to your transcriptionist and monitor the status of dictation jobs.
Download Express Dictate

Web Dictate
This program allows you to make your dictations over a web application and disburse them to any typist immediately. That means it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you have a microphone and a computer with web access, you can make and send dictations.
Download Web Dictate

Dial Dictate
When computers are out of reach for creating and sending dictations, this dictation program is a great solution. You can phone in your dictations from any phone or cell phone, and have it sent to your typist for transcription.
Download Dial Dictate

For more on the go solutions see business software on the go to learn how the web access feature in our business software programs can help you keep your business running smoothly no matter where you are.

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