Friday, January 6, 2012

A is for Audio

NCH Software ABCs Series

A is for Audio SoftwareWhat better place to start our A to Z software tour than at the beginning—both the beginning of the alphabet and the beginning of NCH—Audio.

NCH Software was originally named NCH Swift Sound when it was founded in 1993 largely because many of our earliest products were sound and audio software solutions. Even though we have since expanded our range of software tremendously, to this day our WavePad audio editing software remains not only a company favorite, but our top selling program, currently available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and the iPad with millions of users worldwide.

WavePad may be the core of our audio software category but there are several other big players including MixPad multi-track mixer, Switch audio converter and SoundTap streaming audio recorder, just to name a few. You really can do more with audio using our complete range of audio software programs:

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