Friday, April 6, 2012

Super Features: Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture Software is one of the most feature-rich video capture programs available, allowing you to capture video from a variety of sources, including your screen, webcam, network camera, or external devices. If you haven’t had time to explore all the amazing ways Debut can make recording video easier for you, we’ve made a list of highlights.
    Debut Video Capture Software Tips, Tricks and Features
  • Add a text caption to your video. Choose the placement, enter the text, change the font, the font color, and add background color to make the text stand out. Be sure to add your caption before recording starts. (more ways to add text to video)
  • Add a watermark to your video to ensure you get credit for the video. Choose a watermark image that isn’t too large, adjust the transparency, and set the alignment. The margin percentage controls how far away the watermark is from the edge. Again, be sure to add your watermark before recording.
  • Create a time-lapse video. Station your camera and click the Edit Output button. On the tab specific for the type of camera you are using, make sure the Enable Time-lapse checkbox is checked. You can specify how often a frame is captured: the closer in time the images are taken to each other, the smoother your video will look. For a more choppy outcome, space images out further.
  • Capture a window or custom area. This is a very useful feature if you want to focus on one area of your screen, rather than the entire thing. Click the selection icon in the lower right corner, next to the caption, color, and watermark buttons. You can then drag the cursor to select a recording area, or highlight and select a specific window on your screen.
  • Schedule recordings. If you need to record while you're away from your computer, set up a scheduled recording. Click the Scheduler button on the toolbar to set a recording time.
  • Click the Edit Output button to resize the final video or to change the frame rate. Remember that a smaller size and a lower frame rate will make the file size smaller.
  • You can specify the file format for the recording from the Record as drop menu. Select the file type, or select which device you are making the recording for.
If you need to edit your recordings after they have been recorded, we recommend you use VideoPad Video Editing Software. With VideoPad, you can edit multiple screen captures or webcam recordings together, add background music and narration, and compile the final product in a format for viewing on your computer, television, portable device, or on the internet.


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