Tuesday, November 20, 2012

W is for Web Access

NCH Software ABCs Series

software Web Access is a feature of freedom. Using the web access feature on many of our business software programs including Express Invoice invoicing software, Express Accounts bookkeeping software or Inventoria inventory management software allows businesses to provide multiple users with access to the program's data and features. Users can log in remotely from other computers or mobile devices with internet access. So you can update inventory levels from the warehouse or send an invoice while on road. So you don't need to be chained to your desk to get things done, a freedom many small business owners can appreciate.

Web access isn't limited to business products; with DesktopNow you can also set up easy access to your home PC computer so you can have access to all your files, plus desktop viewing and control, when you are away from home. So you don't have to worry about forgetting a file on a flash drive, if you don't have something you need you can simply log into your computer from wherever you are to upload or download files from your home machine. Peace of mind coming in the shape of a small software program.

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